Our main task is evangelisation, to serve the least of our brothers and sisters and those on the margins of society.

So, one of our most specific activities are Popular Missions: in Italy and Colombia they often take place with the Friars Minor Renewed and the Franciscan Lay Missionaries. These missions are precious opportunities to proclaim the Kerygma, as the first disciples did after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

We accompany the Franciscan Lay Missionaries, fostering them in answering the call they received from God: to be missionaries as a community of lay people. We offer them a journey in faith consisting of retreats, talks, formation for the mission and for the experience of community.

Generally, our charism is very flexible, so it can easily adapt to the needs of the local area where we live, and specifically, it fosters in each of us the use of our specific and unique talents that the Lord has entrusted us, to serve the Church and the whole world.

Praise be to Jesus Christ and to the “poverello” St. Francis!