Christ, my hope, has risen!

Christ, my hope, has risen



“God has raised him to life, and allowed him to be seen by certain witnesses. Now, we are those witnesses”

(cfr. Acts 10:40-41)


It was very early on that Sunday morning, and still dark.
Mary Magdalene hastened to the sepulchre, but, to her great shock, the stone had been rolled away from the tomb. So she immediately ran back, even faster, to tell the disciples what she had seen.

It is still dark, they still do not see.
But darkness is gradually turning into light, as the shadows of death are dispelled by the bright dawn of resurrection!

Mary Magdalene, Peter, John, they are all running: they all hurry to Jesus’ sepulchre and back again: even that place of grief will become a place of indescribable joy and awe. The place where we expect to find just the stench of death, becomes the place from where the perfume of the Gospel is spread to the whole world.

“Till this moment, they had failed to understand the teaching of scripture, that he must rise from the dead” (Jn 20:9).

Run Peter, run! You will understand, you will see as clearly as in the sunlight. Jesus has risen indeed, as He had said!

Lord Jesus, I feel the urge to run as well.
Running to that sepulchre, bringing my regret for having betrayed You one more time.
Yes, because I was not there, when You were crucified.
I was not there, when You died.
I left your lifeless body nailed on the cross, and I could not bring myself to ask it to Pilate.
I did not take care of you, arranging your burial.
And, what’s more, I did not watch over the tomb, so that anybody dared to steal your defenceless body.
Will You forgive me once again, my Lord?

Run, run as fast as you can, because you still do not realise what He has prepared for you.
Run towards the greatest joy: Jesus has risen indeed!
And all your sin, fear, cowardice, unfaithfulness, weakness, are reduced to dust in the burning fire of his LOVE, by his holy Passion, death and Resurrection!


Rejoice, then, and be glad, because such God is our God!


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  1. Caroline Reilly
    Caroline Reilly dice:

    Thank you for your “ seeds of spirituality “!

    So true and yet so hard to take in. Watching the “Passion” film on good Friday, I was particularly drawn to the fact that in all his agony and rejection and isolation, Jesus always got up to go forward and complete His Father’s will.

    Had I been in that position, I think I would have just lain down and given up. The latter is what I have regularly done when things got hard. I am grateful to have been shown that more profoundly this year.

    God bless and Thank you!


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