…I will make you into fishers of men…

Third Sunday of the Ordinary time


First reading: Jonah 3:1-5,10 

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 24(25):4-6,7b-9

Second reading: 1 Corinthians 7:29-31

Gospel: Mark 1:14-20


In today’s Gospel, we see Jesus walking along the shore of the lake of Galilee. He fixes his eyes on two groups of fishermen, two pairs of brothers, and invites them to follow him, to become his disciples.

The way God chooses is not the same way we ourselves choose. His criteria are not things like: a good curriculum, a high-quality education, good looks, money, big house, big car…!

He chooses Andrew, Peter, John and James who were simple fishermen: they were not rich, they had no money in the bank. They were just living of their own toil, waking up in the early morning and hoping that the fishing would be good. We might compare them with the day laborers of today.

And Jesus chooses them. He never looks at the social background or at appearances: He looks at the heart and at the potential that is within each of them, each of us.


«Follow me and I will make you into fishers of men».

Looking at these fishermen, Jesus sees in them the potential to become “fishers of men”.

What does it exactly mean?

When there is a man overboard and you get him out of the water, you are saving his life. Jesus sends his disciples to save those brothers and sisters who have fallen into deep water, who are drowning. In a spiritual meaning, they are going to help those ones who are in the deep waters of sin, sadness, discouragement, hopelessness… because they do not know God.

And while fishermen catch fishes and so bring them death, the disciples who “fish up men” give them life, by God’s grace. God is the only one who has the power to save us from the mighty waters and make us walk on them!

The disciples’ task, that is “evangelisation”, is to bring the Good News to every heart, to let God’s love be known. And to do so, they commit their whole life to Him and to this mission.

Is this mission worthy of an entire lifetime? It is.

As the Son of God regarded mankind worthy of the gift of his own life (since He died for us), so the disciples are eager to answer to such a Love with the gift of their own life.

What about me and you? Are we ready to follow in their footsteps? Are you ready to be Jesus’ disciple in your daily life?

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