Holy Week – 3. Jesus lies in the tomb


Jesus’ body lies in the tomb


The silence!

There is silence upon the earth today!

Even God seems to be absent.

And Jesus, who was sent to speak about His father and to show us His love, is dead. Jesus is now closed into a grave and a big stone is rolled across the entrance of the tomb.
God the Father seemed a bystander of His Son’s death, doing nothing to avoid it.
Jesus’ disciples have abandoned Him: one of them has betrayed Him; one of His best friends has denied Him and the remaining ones are scattered.

Many years following Jesus.
A lot of days listening to His doctrine.
So countless times seeing the sick healed and even some dead risen by the power of His hand.

And now, Jesus, were you not able to do the same for yourself? You gave healing and salvation to others, but not to Yourself. You knew the evil plotting, You could have spoken to Your disciples in order to have Your life saved, but You, Jesus, didn’t want to do it.
You preferred to lose your life.

The silence!

The circumstances of our present time remember us what the first community faced: today the whole earth is enveloped in a strange quietness as well.

In the calm that fills our cities, our streets, where are You, Lord?
Can it ever be true that You, o God, are absent?
Can it ever be possible that a virus is stronger than You, Jesus?

For long years we went to the Church and listened to Your words.
Many times we saw the wonderful deeds You work in the human lives, but now, diseases and death seem to win.

How are you working, o God?
Why don’t You show Your power?

Where are You, o Lord?
Are You absent, dead?


Some small voice inside whispers to me: “Hope, my soul, do not lose your faith, Jesus will rise from the dead as He said. Believe in Him! He will bring us all with Him. He will make all things new, He will draw life from death and joy from sorrow, even in this present time”.

“Why look among the dead for someone who is alive? – said the angel – He is not here; He has risen.” (cfr. Lk 24:5-6)

“I will turn their mourning into joy. I will console them, give gladness for grief” (Jer 31: 13)

“Hope in Him, hold firm and take heart. Hope in the Lord!” (Ps 26:14)

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